The Expired Listing Guru Business Model is not just a way to sell real estate more effectively – it is a lifestyle change.

Just imagine knowing that every morning instead of worrying about where your next commission check will come from you are handed 5, 10, even 50 hot listing leads. Forget farming a neighborhood of homeowners who may never sell, or begging your friends and family for business, or writing a check for a billboard or newspaper advertisement which may never produce results. 

Join the savvy salespeople who have discovered that working in a ripe field of homeowners who have already decided to sell their home is not only a way to work smarter it’s a way to take back control of their careers.

 Seven Secrets of the Expired Listing Guru Business Model:

1. Canvas “Now” Sellers – Superstars focus their efforts on clients who are ready, willing, and able to move forward with a decision. Expired listings fit this description!  

2. Be First – The speed of contact with expired listings is essential. You must get to expired listings before your competitors strike.  

3. Make a Powerful First Impression – The quality of your first contact is critical to winning the clients trust. A powerful marketing presentation engages and excites the client.

4. Follow Through – Top producers develop a powerful on-going contact schedule to stay with the client until they are ready to move forward.

5. Differentiate Yourself – You must be different than your competitors. Superstars have a list of compelling reasons that a seller should choose them over the competition. 

6. Demonstrate Results – Strong listing agents are really strong selling agents. They get the job done and can demonstrate their success with testimonials. 

7. Provide Unbelievable Service – The strongest agents are those that not only list and sell real estate but also provide unparalleled referral worthy service to their clients. 

So are you ready to move up? It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and focus on an area of the real estate market that will provide you with the lifestyle you deserve!